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Nature Tutorial

Step 1

Prime stretcher in home ACRYLIC black using a priming brush. Let dry. Divide the stretcher into three equal fields (23 cm each).
With masking tape, cover the upper and lower side of the central field. Using a brush, apply craquelure varnish in this field, briefly leave to dry.Use buff titan to brush in one direction over the craquelure varnish. After a short while, the upper paint coat will tear. Let dry.


Step 2


Applying natural materials.
Paint MDF patter tree in black, leave to dry and stick to the centre. Fix leaves in layers in the upper field.
Before gluing on, cut branches to preferred length using a side cutter; then stick them on with glue.
A hot-melt gun is suitable for working with natural materials, because drying time is short.
Prime floater frame in black and fix stretcher with craft glue or hot glue inside the frame.




Floral Tutorial

 Step 1

Apply the structure paste with a palette knife. Irregular diagonal brushing gives the impression of a swaying field. Leave to dry.



Step 2


Now create the field by applying different green shades diagonally ‚wet in wet’ (i.e. the still moist colours are mixed during painting). A colour gradient becoming lighter towards the upper picture edge is obtained by adding yellow-gold. Leave to dry. Then you can indicate some grass blades with olive green (add a touch of black) using soft brush strokes. Finally design the colour of the wooden decor parts in the form of buds and flowers. Tip: when you draw the existing milled lines with light and/or dark shades the buds and flowers have a very vivid effect.



Step 3

Fix the wooden decor parts with RICO DESIGN hobby glue. With golden MagicArt transfer foil you can apply gentle gloss effects. For this purpose apply some thin lines with MagicArt glue (sparingly) and carefully press on the MagicArt transfer foil when the glue has dried.




Africa Tutorial

Step 1


The desired area to be decorated with decoupage transferred to tracing paper. The drawing on the selected motifs cut napkins and place. The two layers of unprinted napkins pull off. The printed layer of varnish and glue them to the wood supply (see instructions on the bottle).   


Step 2

Mask to color

The free surfaces of the mask with the home ACRYLIC Colors: Siena paint, terracotta, yellow corn and the mix of two (black and Siena 1:1).   




Step 3

Gold foil Apply

The painted surface with different patterns (contours, points, lines) with the Magic type of glue making. For this purpose the bottle like a pencil in your hand and apply the glue straight from the bottle. The tip should be cleaned in between in a paper towel to get clean contours. After drying (see instructions) Apply the transfer film of gold.   


Step 4

Screen design

The structure of paste with the spatula, apply 3 to 4 cm thick on the canvas. collect a large area with a trowel patterns as wavy lines, circles, zig-zag lines, etc. The structure of dry paste can.   



Step 5

Color of the canvas and frame design

Prime with the sponge home ACRYLIC the canvas with yellow corn. Contact the Terracotta sponge, dab on paper towel almost dry and then carefully wipe the screen. This keeps the paint adhere to the structure. The shadow frame with the home, mix of black and Siena ACRYLIC paint in the ratio 5:1. After the dry brush the mask from the back with craft glue and stick to the canvas. The canvas is also glued to the rear corners in the frame.



Brilliant Tutorial

Step 1


First the stretcher with the mixed colors and metallic gray-brown metallic light blue primer. The flower motifs of a pattern sheet Pausblatt transmitted. Also read the General Step-by-Step Guide "priming", "Lasierend work" and "and transferred Pausblatterstellen.




Step 2

The mixed colors of cream, dark brown and the color Prato Acrylic Phthalo Blue Dilute with water and paint the appropriate floral motifs. Allow to dry. To achieve a nice coverage, prime the Floral several times. The drying time between coats must be followed.



Step 3

The former flower stems with a pencil. Since pulling the stems of both images, we recommend placing the images to fit tightly together. Then follow the lines with a thin round brush and Prato Acrylic Phthalo Blue. Also read the General Step-by-Step Guide, Step can "fine shape." Drying.



Step 4

Some leaves with paint colors. For this leaves the mirror used to be colored. The leaves then paint with the water-diluted mixed color dark brown. Allow to dry! More mirror in accordance with General Step-by-step instructions on how to place and install.








La Dolce Vita Tutorial

Primed canvas

Home ACRYLIC gold and cream in a mixing ratio of 1:1. Dab with a sponge the canvas. Adding water results in the scenic spots look. Drying. The ornamentation, lettering and motifs aufpausen. With the fine paint brush lines in the home ACRYLIC Mars Red, silver and black mixed with a trace of silver


Female figures

The wood part of the mixed color cream and gold prime. The dress in home ACRYLIC Mars Red paint and abschattieren the mixed color black / silver from top to bottom with the sponge. Gloves and shoes in the same color primer. The face of the pattern sheet with carbon paper to transfer the timber supply. imagine the face and the tiller lines with the black felt pen to emphasize.




The wood frame home in Mars Red ACRYLIC PRIMER. Drying. Small squares (1x1 cm) and strips of 20 cm length and 1 cm width of the double-sided adhesive film cut. Glue on the two opposite corners by removing the protective foil decoration. Sprinkle on the upper adhesive surface black glitter. The stretcher with craft glue stick in the frame.




Picture & Wall Tutorial

Step 1

Image layout: 

On the white primed canvas - draw with a ruler and pencil four rectangular image sections centered.The distance to the outer edges should be 5 cm. Pausblatt The hang up and use a pencil to the text on the canvas, the previously drawn image details are left out. The Pausblatt must be applied several times with each other precisely because the image format is not equivalent to the. WorksheetFunction redraw the letters with a pen gold.

Step 2

Masking and structure of paste: 

The labeled outer edge and the spaces between the four rectangular image sections are sealed with adhesive tape. The four heart created templates (see pattern sheet) in the center of the rectangular image sections place. The RICO DESIGN structure paste using a spatula evenly thin ( about 0.5 cm thick) applied. To get a cracked lens, the paste is partially deleted up to the masking tape. Still the wet paste, remove the tape and remove the heart stencils. Allow to dry.

Step 3


With a dry brush or sponge the RICO DESIGN are dabbed acrylics. It is advisable to start with the bright colors and rich colors of the lower rim wet to continue working in. wetglazing gradients are Achieved by the colors heavily diluted with water.

Step 4 

Effects for image and frame:


The frame is white with a brush and acrylic paint wiped RICO DESIGN irregular. With the beautiful gold color red effects. With little color and a dry sponge is patted on the surfaces and edges of pictures and frames or wiped. 







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