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Picture & Wall Tutorial

Step 1

Image layout: 

On the white primed canvas - draw with a ruler and pencil four rectangular image sections centered.The distance to the outer edges should be 5 cm. Pausblatt The hang up and use a pencil to the text on the canvas, the previously drawn image details are left out. The Pausblatt must be applied several times with each other precisely because the image format is not equivalent to the. WorksheetFunction redraw the letters with a pen gold.

Step 2

Masking and structure of paste: 

The labeled outer edge and the spaces between the four rectangular image sections are sealed with adhesive tape. The four heart created templates (see pattern sheet) in the center of the rectangular image sections place. The RICO DESIGN structure paste using a spatula evenly thin ( about 0.5 cm thick) applied. To get a cracked lens, the paste is partially deleted up to the masking tape. Still the wet paste, remove the tape and remove the heart stencils. Allow to dry.

Step 3


With a dry brush or sponge the RICO DESIGN are dabbed acrylics. It is advisable to start with the bright colors and rich colors of the lower rim wet to continue working in. wetglazing gradients are Achieved by the colors heavily diluted with water.

Step 4 

Effects for image and frame:


The frame is white with a brush and acrylic paint wiped RICO DESIGN irregular. With the beautiful gold color red effects. With little color and a dry sponge is patted on the surfaces and edges of pictures and frames or wiped. 







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