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La Dolce Vita Tutorial

Primed canvas

Home ACRYLIC gold and cream in a mixing ratio of 1:1. Dab with a sponge the canvas. Adding water results in the scenic spots look. Drying. The ornamentation, lettering and motifs aufpausen. With the fine paint brush lines in the home ACRYLIC Mars Red, silver and black mixed with a trace of silver


Female figures

The wood part of the mixed color cream and gold prime. The dress in home ACRYLIC Mars Red paint and abschattieren the mixed color black / silver from top to bottom with the sponge. Gloves and shoes in the same color primer. The face of the pattern sheet with carbon paper to transfer the timber supply. imagine the face and the tiller lines with the black felt pen to emphasize.




The wood frame home in Mars Red ACRYLIC PRIMER. Drying. Small squares (1x1 cm) and strips of 20 cm length and 1 cm width of the double-sided adhesive film cut. Glue on the two opposite corners by removing the protective foil decoration. Sprinkle on the upper adhesive surface black glitter. The stretcher with craft glue stick in the frame.






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