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Africa Tutorial

Step 1


The desired area to be decorated with decoupage transferred to tracing paper. The drawing on the selected motifs cut napkins and place. The two layers of unprinted napkins pull off. The printed layer of varnish and glue them to the wood supply (see instructions on the bottle).   


Step 2

Mask to color

The free surfaces of the mask with the home ACRYLIC Colors: Siena paint, terracotta, yellow corn and the mix of two (black and Siena 1:1).   




Step 3

Gold foil Apply

The painted surface with different patterns (contours, points, lines) with the Magic type of glue making. For this purpose the bottle like a pencil in your hand and apply the glue straight from the bottle. The tip should be cleaned in between in a paper towel to get clean contours. After drying (see instructions) Apply the transfer film of gold.   


Step 4

Screen design

The structure of paste with the spatula, apply 3 to 4 cm thick on the canvas. collect a large area with a trowel patterns as wavy lines, circles, zig-zag lines, etc. The structure of dry paste can.   



Step 5

Color of the canvas and frame design

Prime with the sponge home ACRYLIC the canvas with yellow corn. Contact the Terracotta sponge, dab on paper towel almost dry and then carefully wipe the screen. This keeps the paint adhere to the structure. The shadow frame with the home, mix of black and Siena ACRYLIC paint in the ratio 5:1. After the dry brush the mask from the back with craft glue and stick to the canvas. The canvas is also glued to the rear corners in the frame.




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