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Floral Tutorial

 Step 1

Apply the structure paste with a palette knife. Irregular diagonal brushing gives the impression of a swaying field. Leave to dry.



Step 2


Now create the field by applying different green shades diagonally ‚wet in wet’ (i.e. the still moist colours are mixed during painting). A colour gradient becoming lighter towards the upper picture edge is obtained by adding yellow-gold. Leave to dry. Then you can indicate some grass blades with olive green (add a touch of black) using soft brush strokes. Finally design the colour of the wooden decor parts in the form of buds and flowers. Tip: when you draw the existing milled lines with light and/or dark shades the buds and flowers have a very vivid effect.



Step 3

Fix the wooden decor parts with RICO DESIGN hobby glue. With golden MagicArt transfer foil you can apply gentle gloss effects. For this purpose apply some thin lines with MagicArt glue (sparingly) and carefully press on the MagicArt transfer foil when the glue has dried.






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