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Nature Tutorial

Step 1

Prime stretcher in home ACRYLIC black using a priming brush. Let dry. Divide the stretcher into three equal fields (23 cm each).
With masking tape, cover the upper and lower side of the central field. Using a brush, apply craquelure varnish in this field, briefly leave to dry.Use buff titan to brush in one direction over the craquelure varnish. After a short while, the upper paint coat will tear. Let dry.


Step 2


Applying natural materials.
Paint MDF patter tree in black, leave to dry and stick to the centre. Fix leaves in layers in the upper field.
Before gluing on, cut branches to preferred length using a side cutter; then stick them on with glue.
A hot-melt gun is suitable for working with natural materials, because drying time is short.
Prime floater frame in black and fix stretcher with craft glue or hot glue inside the frame.





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