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Brilliant Tutorial

Step 1


First the stretcher with the mixed colors and metallic gray-brown metallic light blue primer. The flower motifs of a pattern sheet Pausblatt transmitted. Also read the General Step-by-Step Guide "priming", "Lasierend work" and "and transferred Pausblatterstellen.




Step 2

The mixed colors of cream, dark brown and the color Prato Acrylic Phthalo Blue Dilute with water and paint the appropriate floral motifs. Allow to dry. To achieve a nice coverage, prime the Floral several times. The drying time between coats must be followed.



Step 3

The former flower stems with a pencil. Since pulling the stems of both images, we recommend placing the images to fit tightly together. Then follow the lines with a thin round brush and Prato Acrylic Phthalo Blue. Also read the General Step-by-Step Guide, Step can "fine shape." Drying.



Step 4

Some leaves with paint colors. For this leaves the mirror used to be colored. The leaves then paint with the water-diluted mixed color dark brown. Allow to dry! More mirror in accordance with General Step-by-step instructions on how to place and install.









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